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Technical Diving: Image

The Art of Diving

From broad brush strokes to fine lines, technical diving incorporates it all. At Aquanauts, all of our courses emphasize the use of a balanced rig, proper trim, perfect buoyancy in the water column, relaxation, and breath control. Technical diving is where you have to apply it. We want to enable you to explore all that Grenada has to offer. Our team is capable of not only assisting you but also teaching you the skills necessary for extended-range decompression diving. 

We teach courses from TDI, SSI, and PADI. We specialize in open circuit courses whether you are learning side-mount or twin-set backmount we can work with you to achieve your goals using advanced levels of enriched air, and decompression procedures. Our instructors have in-depth experience on our islands.

If you are already certified for technical diving we have the necessary equipment to enable your adventure. If you want a truly unique experience, ask us about our private guides and our private charters where we can set up dives that are designed just for you and your team. 

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