The Art of Diving and Conservation

At Aquanauts we have two core values that drive why we are here. They are conservation and community. For our community to thrive we must conserve the resources we have on our island. 

Grenada is fortunate to have 6 eco systems on one island. This enables an incredible range of agriculture and natural beauty above the ocean. We are dedicated to conserve the same bounty and beauty below the surface. 

Every month we promote reef cleanup events on the island. These events target specific area in need of support.

Our Lionfish hunts are exceptionally popular. Lionfish are an invasive species in the Caribbean and for the health of the echo-system they need to be eradicated. To hunt Lionfish with us you do need to have taken a Lionfish handling, hunting or eradication course which teaches you the fundamentals of spear handling, managing a zoo keeper and how to clean and filet your Lionfish. We offer the course, which was written by our head instructor Paul Ward. Every month at the West Indies Brewery we work together to educate everyone in attendance while service Lionfish and Chips or Lionfish tacos. Plus wonderful craft beer.

In 2021 we organized the first nationwide Earth Day Cleanup. This was a very successful event in and out of the water. You can watch the video here.

At our True Blue Boutique Resort location we are developing a mangrove forest. Here we are growing mangroves to protect the shoreline. 

If you would like to engage with us, we love to teach our SSI Blue Ocean and environmentalist courses. We have an environmentalist package and individual course.