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The Art of Diving

Want to paint your experience on a blank canvas? Our Private Charters are where you can do everything or nothing at all. Our boats provide the perfect platform for your imagination. 

Want to spend the day doing repeated dives on Bianca C? Would you like to dive the wall at Gouyave? How about diving to the north end of the island at Isle De Ronde or seeing leatherback turtles and sharks at the islands off of Levera Beach? We have years of experience all over the country of Grenada and we have relationships with facilities and transport companies to make your adventure as comfortable as you like.

How would you like to spend a day snorkeling with friends and family while exploring the Marine Protected Areas of Grenada? Or you could spend as much time as you like at the Underwater Sculpture Park. 

If you want to go on a family, business, or group trip, or require a dive boat for any other purposes (sightseeing, sea surveys, marine research, or site maintenance), we are readily available to support you in bringing your visualization to life. All charter trips include a knowledgable captain and crew member.

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