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The Spice Island

Grenada is a unique country in the Caribbean. Its real charm is in the people of Grenada. But Grenada's varied ecosystems range from natural rain forests, dry forests, terrestrial agricultural systems, freshwater systems, mangroves forests, and coastal and marine ecosystems. We have amazing hiking, river rafting and of course beaches. 

Our favorite part of Grenada is the marine ecosystem here, but not exploring the rest is not a complete visit. Just exploring the city of St. Georges or taking a day to see the north end of Grenada is a joy of its own. 

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Commonly referred to as a live-a-board on land, our boats, compressors, and most of the equipment are located at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort. True Blue enables ease of access for diving where our "Diva Diving" experience really shows off. You need to simply step on board one of our spacious boats and let us do the work for you. If it's relaxing, or spending time exploring the island you are interested in we have the resources here to make that a pleasure too.

True Blue is one of the leading environmentally conscious resorts in the Caribbean. The management of True Blue has been leading the country-wide initiatives for sustainability since its creation. 

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Spice Island Resort and Blue Horizon

Grand Anse is Grenada's signature beach. Over 3km in length and located some 5km to the south of St George's, it is where you will find a number of the island's premier resorts and luxury hotels.

In front of the crown jewel of Grenada, "The Spice Island Beach Resort", rests our Grand Anse Beach location. For our Spice Island Beach Resort Guests, we have water sports including sailing Hobie Cats, kayaking, and snorkeling. 

We also work closely with the Blue Horizons Garden Resort. Where you can take any of our courses and from Grand Anse Beach you can board our boats.

Stop in and say "hi" we are always happy to see you.

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