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The Art of Diving

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At Aquanauts Grenada, we love our island and the ocean that surrounds it. Diving in Grenada provides endless enjoyment for every type of diver. We have amazing shallow reefs full of colorful hard and soft corals, fabulous deep reefs with currents for a great drift dive, and we are the wreck capital of the Caribbean.

We have 20 very approachable wrecks, each with a unique story to tell. We also have the “Bianca C”, also known as “The Titanic of the Caribbean”. She is a 600'/200m long luxury cruise ship that sank in 1961. We also boast the world's first Underwater Sculpture Park. Our waters tell many stories about life in Grenada.

A variety of dive sites requires a variety of skills. We love to bring our passion for these environments to you. If you want to discover SCUBA diving, you are an open water diver, an advanced diver, or a tech diver we have your site. We select sites every day for those who are on our boats. We are happy to make sure our groups have the experience they want. Using a 4:1 ratio of guests to dive masters, we can create smaller groups of like-minded divers. We will also do multiple drops in an area so everyone has the experience they want to have. 

While staying in Grenada we offer what we call "Diva Diving". We have ample space to store your gear and we will rinse and dry it for you after a day of diving. In the mornings we will prepare your gear to a state that you are comfortable with. We want you to enjoy your time on island and we will make it as easy as you prefer.

Our seas are accessible too. At our resort, True Blue Bay, there are six rooms that have been upgraded to be accessible. Our boats are accessible too. But the part that makes us most proud, is that we are trained and ready to enable any adaptive challenges in the water. As a Diveheart Training Center, we want everyone to enjoy the other 71% of our planet.  

Our instructors and dive masters are unique and represent a combined total of over 100 YEARS of experience diving and teaching on our reefs. If you are interested in beginning your SCUBA diving journey or want to continue and enhance your education we are a full-service SSI, SDI/TDI, PADI shop. We offer courses that will enable your diving to be at the level you want it to be. Come dive with us and find out why our instructors and dive masters are the best around.

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