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Welcome to our Aqua-Family at Aquanauts. We are a family run business. We spent seven years looking around the planet for a place to land. The place was Grenada. Why Grenada is the most common question we hear. The diving is fantastic, the people are kind, friendly and caring, the island is safe and there is so much to do when you are not in the water.  Kinda sounds like family values?

We love to dive. Ty is responsible for operations and has vast technical experience with gear, gas and of course the water. Ty is also an instructor who combines all of his knowledge into easy to grasp information for his students. Tiffany is responsible for marketing and all of the social media posts you love to see. She is also a Dive Master, a yogi and a conservationist. Want to really relax? Try her yoga classes. Tammy is mama. She loves diving and also loves to hear laughter and see smiles. She is all about memories and the experience. Most of the year Grandma is here too. She loves to share stories, go on boat rides and enjoy time with good people. Tom, well he is just Tom. As an instructor he loves teaching and bringing his passion for the ocean to his students. 


Our rental equipment is all top-quality, ScubaPro. If you bring your own equipment, we likely have configurations to suit you. We have DIN valves, sidemount, and doubles. Nitrox (30%) is ALWAYS FREE for our customers with the enriched air certification. If you have larger lungs but enjoy finishing the dive with your entire group, we offer 100 cft cylinders for rent.

Whether you’re coming to us as a beginner or an expert, there’s always a place for you at Aquanauts Grenada. Our team simply wants everyone who can enjoy our oceans to be enabled to enjoy its magic. No matter your experience, we are here to support your exploration.

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