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The Art of Diving

Accessibility to our oceans is a foundational concept for us at Aquanauts Grenada. We believe everyone who has the desire to explore should be enabled to do so. It is reasonably well established that SCUBA diving offers therapy for all persons who embark into our oceans. 

At Aquanauts, we have a team of professional divers who are trained with the latest techniques using the Diveheart adaptive protocols. This enables you to embrace water-based activities. We also have 3 Diveheart instructors on staff to enable you to create an adaptive support team. 

Our Diveheart team is trained to not only enable those with accessibility challenges but their buddies too. This makes the endeavor that much more special. If you would like to try scuba or you would like to get a full certification or get an adaptive buddy certification we offer significant discounts for groups. In other words, it pays to have friends. Contact us for more information.

At our True Blue Bay Resort location, we have a growing number of accessible rooms including a suite. The grounds are ramp enabled to the docks where we can assist you to the pools or our comfortable boats. 

When we discuss accessibility, we use the term to mean that people are not excluded. It means that people are empowered. At Aquanauts we welcome individual divers and groups. When we say everyone should enjoy our oceans, we mean everyone. 


One of the most common questions we are asked when people come to our shop is "Why Grenada?".  The video below explains Aquanauts, our passion and "Why Grenada?".

Adaptive Aquatics
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