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Aquanauts Grenada

With great pride for Aquanauts Grenada, we present our fleet. Our boats are named, Calypso, Reggae, Salsa and Soca. Calypso is our comfortable boat with access enabled for all passengers. Reggae is our newest addition. She is a 36' Newton Dive Special. The jewel of any dive operation. Salsa is a comfortable 36' Sea Hawk. She is a work horse capable of safely delivering our guests on any adventure on either side of the island. Socca is our 32' special purpose boat. She is great for classes and for TEC runs. She is a classic six packer. 

All four of our boats have freshwater showers, toilets, a camera table, a camera rinse tank, and a wide dive platform. All of our boats have oxygen onboard and a flybridge which enables room and free movement for our customers. With Aquanauts Grenada diving is always safe, comfortable, and fun!! 

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