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COVID-19 Update

Up to date information for travelling to Grenada :

Grenada Tourism Authority 

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[ak-wuh-nawt, not, ah-kwuh-] Noun

- an undersea explorer who spends time underwater.

Origin - Greek: Aqua-Water and Nautes - Sailor.

Reminds us of those mythical Greek heroes known as the Argonauts, who sailed with Jason on his ship, the Argo, in quest of the Golden Fleece.

May your quest be rewarding and successful!



At Aquanauts Grenada we try to offer a safe, fun and premium dive/snorkel service to each and every customer by providing a few key amenities.

  • Valet Diving:- Due to COVID-19 regulations our valet diving service is sligthly limited, however we still load the boat for you and rinse and store your auxiliary gear. You just take your mask, regulator, and suit.
  • Free Nitrox 30%:- Nitrox simply is a safer gas to use on most of Grenada's dive sites. That’s why we encourage everyone to get Nitrox certified.
  • Comfortable  Boats:- Our boats are always organized in such a way that space is not an issue and social distancing can be applied (No one likes a crammed boat anyway). Our large professional dive boats make diving easy by carrying amenities such as
    • Shower
    • Toilets
    • camera tables
    • dive platforms
  • Small Groups:- 4 – 8 divers per dive guide. We organize our groups according to qualification & experience. This way every diver can be assured to have a personalized adventure.
  • Professional Staff:- Our staff is dedicated to creating a safe, unique and fun excursion for each and every guest. Within minutes everyone feels like they are a part of the team!
  • Dive Sites:- Grenada offers 30 reefs and 15 wrecks including the Bianca C “the Titanic of the Caribbean”