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Welcome to Aquanauts Grenada, where we know the fun begins once you’re in the water! We also know safety and comfort make the adventure much more enjoyable.


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to explore the other ~71% of our planet. The “alien-like world” right here on Planet Earth, which only ~2% has been explored and researched. The ocean covers the majority of our planet and yet, we know more about space than what exists in the underwater world.


Defy human nature and explore Grenada’s underwater world with us! You won’t regret experiencing the magic hidden below the surface of the big blue.


To enable people of all abilities to explore the ocean, we have large, comfortable, purpose-built boats with various amenities including a bathroom, shower, and camera station. Board our boats with ease utilizing our dock entrance at our True Blue Bay Boutique Resort facility. We believe in safety so we happily offer FREE nitrox (30%) for all Enriched Air certified divers. To empower underwater explorers, we offer diving courses and diving clinics that not only prepare you to dive our beautiful reefs and wrecks here in Grenada but apply these practices to diving anywhere around the world. We have instructors on staff who teach the fundamentals of diving, swimming, snorkeling, freediving, tech diving, and adaptable diving and snorkeling. 

We opened in 2000 and have been serving the Grenada community since. Whether you’re a beginner, or you’re looking for the perfect place to hone your skills, Aquanauts Grenada provides courses, rentals, and a community of people who share your passion. Come connect with like-minded underwater enthusiasts and learn more about the place few have ever explored!