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Tech Diving why should I?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

If you are finding Recreational diving a bit limiting, maybe you are planning a trip to Truuk lagoon and want to really make the most of it while there or you are looking at exploring deeper in hopes of finding unusual creatures or coral then tech diving is for you. At Aquanauts we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and safety, especially in regards to tech diving of which we have multiple locations (Including the Titanic of the Caribbean) the Bianca 'C', a cruise ship that was on fire for 2 days before sinking in late 1961. However we have plenty of reefs and an old coastline at 65-70 mtrs / 185 - 200ft to explore as well as deeper edges and an old river channel at 100mtrs / 330 ft +. We are able to train you on Doubles, Sidemount or Rebreather (we are a full service facility for Rebreathers offering Sofnolime, O2 fills and trimix, especially welcome is the warm Caribbean waters and plenty of fish life to look at on the (seemingly endless on open circuit) decompression stops. Outside our Bianca C at a depth of 105 mtrs / 346 ft I saw my first (and only) real soft coral, jelly like and glowing red in the light of the torch, unfortunately the camera housing had buckled with the depth and I was unable to take a picture!

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