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Closed Circuit Rebreather Diving is the Evolution of diving - No more Bubbles! 

Guaranteed close encounters with marine life such as Sharks, Rays, Turtles and other pelagic like jacks and rainbow runners. Not to forget the small elusive critters - Banded Jawfish for example.

With Rebreathers you can extend your dive time on famous "Bianca C" and other great wrecks and deeper reefs.

Rebreather diving is very helpful for underwater photographers to get close to the action, have time to setup your shot and still be safe.


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To get started you may choose a rebreather trial dive during your dive vacation and see if the silent world is something for you. The ministry of health warns - CCR diving is addictive!

To become rebreather certified we offer TDI inspiration and evolution vision courses in 2 levels. The first level is air diluent to 30 m and you need to be a certified diver and minimum 18 years old. For the second level of advanced nitrox to 45 m requires Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures certification.

Either of the certification course takes about a week with a total of 7 dives. the certification courses include manual, unit rental, consumables and certification.

CCR TRIAL including unit rental, theory, pool and 1 boat dive US$ 190
CCR TRIAL including unit rental, theory, pool and 2 boat dives US$ 250
CCR TDI air diluent level one / 30 m certification course US$1298 book..
CCR TDI air diluent level one / 30 m completion course US$1168  book..
CCR TDI nitrox 30% level two / 45 m certification course US$1495  book..
CCR TDI nitrox 30% level two / 45 m completion course US$1368  book..

If you have not been diving your rebreather for a while we also offer a CCR review to get you back on track.

CCR Review including theory, pool session and 1 boat dive US$ 190

Are you owner of an inspiration and decided to upgrade to vision control? We offer the upgrade course to get you started with the new computer in conjunction with a review.

CCR vision upgrade certification US$ 32

Do you want to crossover to an evolution /inspiration certification? It is quick and easy done within 2 days. You need to have a CCR certificate no matter which unit. 


APV Evolution crossover certification US$ 600

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Tel. Grenada: 473 444 1126
Tel. UK: 020-8144-8606
Tel. USA: 850-303-0330
Toll Free: 866-286-1309
Fax: 473 444 1127


Daily scheduled DIVING TRIPS and Private BOAT CHARTERS
Independent Buddy Diving , NITROX and Advanced Diving
SCUBA GEAR RENTAL , Underwater scooter and DIGITAL PHOTO Camera hire
Rebreather friendly facility, dedicated Rebreather weeks and certification courses
Scuba retail STORE and guided SNORKEL TRIPS
Courtesy shuttle from HOTELS & RESORTS and special equipment & courses for CHILDREN

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