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Visit the world's first Underwater Sculpture Park, encounter healthy Marine life up close and enjoy the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean while on a snorkeling excursion in Grenada. All excursions are guided by knowledgably guides and provide refreshments and lots of fun.

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Grenada Marine Park Snorkel Sites: 

Flamingo Bay


- also dubbed the critter capital of Grenada, the reefs starts as shallow as 9 ft with gently sloping to a sandy bottom at 30 ft, the outer edge ending in a drop off. The rugged coast line is picturesque and fatures finger corals and myriads of small fish.

Dragon Bay

- a sheltered bay with a stunning coral garden, look out for the little "dragons"; 


the seahorses especially in summertime. many soft corals provide a feast for fingerprint nudibranch; your snorkel guide will point them out for you.

Molinere Point


- for the more daring snorkeler, where the reef drops off and strong currents prevail. However if you stay close to the rocks you can safely drift over to the next bay and enjoy barracudas sleeky standing in the current.

Underwater Sculpture Park


- the world's first Underwater Art Exhibition - statues and carvings are placed on reef edges and valleys, showing the interaction between nature and man made structures. Very interesting to see how nature takes over - most of the art is now covered by marine life - spooky and facinating at the same time.

Grand Mal


- huge coral boulders providing foundations for ever new growing elkhorn and other hard corals. Between the coral mountains tarpons and snapper hang out, on the mountain tops small critters and crustaceans can be watched.

Other Grenada Snorkel Sites

Glovers Island

- on the south coast of Grenada, this uninhabited island gets marine life visitors from the vast Atlantic Ocean; stingray may feed on the ground, a turtle may passes by and between the many conch shells small critters find a new home. On calm days the windward side of the island with huge elkhorn corals can be visited.

Blue Lagoon

-off Hog Island this shallow lagoon is another great Atlantic snorkel site, a fabulous intact sea gras bed hides juvenile fish and critters, spiked by small coral beds and colored by schools of small snappers and grunts.

Mangrove Bay

- snorkeling the mangroves is very special, only available on calm clear days, it shows the ocean's "Kindergarten", you never know what you encounter - a shark egg, a turtle hatchling (usually many as they all hatch at the same time) or baby lobster.

Aquanauts Grenada
P.O. Box 1264
Tel. Grenada: 473 444 1126
Tel. UK: 020-8144-8606
Tel. USA: 850-303-0330
Toll Free: 866-286-1309
Fax: 473 444 1127


Daily scheduled DIVING TRIPS and Private BOAT CHARTERS
Independent Buddy Diving , NITROX and Advanced Diving
SCUBA GEAR RENTAL , Underwater scooter and DIGITAL PHOTO Camera hire
Rebreather friendly facility, dedicated Rebreather weeks and certification courses
Scuba retail STORE and guided SNORKEL TRIPS
Courtesy shuttle from HOTELS & RESORTS and special equipment & courses for CHILDREN

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