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Grenada Dive Sites: Marine Park

Dive the first established part of Grenada's Marine Park north of St.George's and enjoy easy diving in protected bays, a place for divers and snorkelers alike. An entrance fee for diving these sites of US$ 2,25 per diver per day is charged.

Happy Hill - 30' - 90' / 10 - 30 m ( 33 Votes ) 
Happy-Hill Wall dive with the most prolific fish life close to shore. Shoals of fish patrol the edge of the reef facing into the current. The wall itself is overgrown with deep water sea fans and sea whips and hiding place for moray eels and lobster. At the edge of the wall you may encounter large school of southern sennets.
Flamingo Bay - 20' - 60' / 6 - 20 m ( 35 Votes ) 
Flamingobay A pretty sheltered bay perfect for beginners to explore the under water world. Beautiful coral garden, hiding sea horses and many small creatures within. Take your time and try to find them while floating over sea fans, gorgonians or pillar corals. Off the reef towards the sea grass beds, is the critter capital of Grenada -  a muck divers dream come true. All kinds of shrimp, baby octopus, pipefish, banded jawfish sometimes with a whole load of eggs in their mouth and much more can be discovered here.
Car Pile - 100' - 140' / 30 - 45 m ( 29 Votes ) 
Car-PileIn the 1970s old cars were cleared off the island and placed as an underwater attraction within todays Marine Park. By now most vehicle wrecks are overgrown with myriads of marine life, but still recognizable what model it is like the VW bus shown in the picture. A great dive for rebreather and technical divers enjoying the deep abyss.
Dragon Bay -25' - 95' / 8 - 30 m ( 26 Votes ) 
dragon-bayA good varied dive with interesting marine life at whichever depth you choose. Sand channels cut into angular volcanic rocks give attractive terrain at shallower depth while dipping over the reef down the slope at 45 feet black corals add to the scenery. Beautiful angelfish and lots of flamingo tongues are crowding this place.
Moliniere Reef - 20' - 95' / 6 - 30 m ( 29 Votes ) 
molinere A good dive for beginners, several canyons in shallow waters lead to the reef which starts at 35 feet sloping down to 65 feet with a covering of mixed stony and soft corals. Busy little damselfish harvest the algae, feeding on the coral, redband parrotfish are also common on the reef. You will find sand eels looking curiously out while you turn over the sandy bottom to the ocean.
Underwater Sculpture Park 10 - 30 / 3 - 10 m ( 25 Votes ) 
sculptureInitiated and started by English artist Jason de Caire-Taylor, this unique site is the first Underwater Sculpture Park in the Caribbean. Suitable for beginner divers and snorkelers alike it features many sculptures from the Jason and other artists. This "exhibition" is a work in progress and shows the constant change all life is exposed.
Bucaneer wreck - 70' / 22 m ( 20 Votes ) 
Bucaneer-2The wreck of a 43 foot yacht was deliberately sunk as a dive site. It is only small but houses colourful marine life. Bushy black corals trees grow on the deck and inside the hull in white, orange and green varieties. While telesto adorns much of the superstructure and there are any number of encrusting sponges and tunicates.
Grand Mal - 30' - 90' / 10 - 27 m ( 28 Votes ) 
Grand-MalHuge pillars of coral rocks give shelter to a wide variety of marine life. You can start your dive shallow or come from Hildur, located between Hildur and Molinere reef, this a great site for close up lenses and diver who like to find the hidden marine life in crevices. You may encounter a current which brings you quickly to Molinere reef.
Hildur - 110' / 35 m ( 25 Votes ) 
HildurThe wreck of the Hildur was deliberately sank while cleaning up the Port Luis Marina. For a long time it was a rotting eyesore on Grenada's coast, now it is an interesting dive on a fully intact freighter - we even found some freight papers we have preserved.

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