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Grenada Dive Sites: Isle de Rhonde

Fantastic unspoiled reefs around uninhabited islands north of Grenada. We visit two sites on a day trip; lunch included whenever the sea conditions permit and we have advanced divers to join us. These site are no place for beginners, for their depth and strong currents. It is a fantastic trip including sight seeing as we pass the whole west coast of Grenada with great picture opportunities. On some days it is possible to return on the east coast which makes it an around the island tour at sea.

Deep Blue @ Sisters 30' - 140' / 10 - 42 m ( 22 Votes ) 
A beautiful steep wall dropping to 140 feet straight, covered with sea fans and sponges of all colors. The strong current attracts an array of pelagic marine life. The sisters is a group of three rocks, in one of them divers can find a cave where they could surface and gasp some air. Beware of the surf movement, the air bubble suddenly may become very tiny. The reef surrounding is beautiful and untouched.
Frigate Island 30' - 100' / 10 - 30 m ( 20 Votes ) 
A drop off to the east, a beautiful coral garden towards the south and dramatic rock boulders to the north are building the background for spectacular dive with an abundance of marine life with a most dramatic backdrop of a rock inhabited by hundreds of Frigate birds.
Rhonde Reef 20' - 70' / 8 - 22 m ( 18 Votes ) 
A small barrier reef build from huge star corals and big heads of brain corals. Marine life encounters include all kinds of Caribbean reef fishes, rays, turtles and in the shallows conch and triton shells.
Diamond Wall 30' - 100' / 10 - 30 m ( 16 Votes ) 
This rock dividing the currents, is as dramatic under water as above. The wall is well covered with sea fans and deep canyons. Off the wall in the shallow between the islands the current can be very strong, but attracts sharks, rays and turtles.
Mount de Caille 40' - 100' / 12 - 30 m ( 17 Votes ) 
An underwater mount almost looking man made - hence the other name: "Atlantis" out in the open ocean between the islands attract a lot of pelagic marine life and its crevices housing lobsters and crabs. on good days we make it all around, or just to the huge admirality anchor - we have not found the ship to it yet....
Bird Rock 60' - 100' / 18 - 30 m ( 21 Votes ) 
Far out in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean a flat rock housing hundreds of sea birds, is a spectacular dive site under water; strong currents, huge boulders, sea fans, elk horn corals, deep see gorgonians and everything the diver wishes for: eagle rays, sometime mantas, stingrays, sharks, turtles, lobster, morays and plenty of pelagic fish life too!

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