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Grenada Dive Sites: Advanced Diving

You are an experienced diver and like the challenge?
Grenada is the place for you in the Caribbean - deep wrecks, exciting drifts, extended bottom time with NITROX mix - UW scooter dives, Night diving and digital photo rental - these are the dive sites you should see:


Car Pile 100; - 140' / 30 - 45 m ( 22 Votes ) 
In the 1970s old cars were cleared off the island and placed as an underwater attraction within todays Marine Park. By now most vehicle wrecks are overgrown with myriads of marine life, but still recognizable what model it is like the VW bus shown in the picture. A great dive for rebreather and technical divers enjoying the deep abyss.
Hildur 110' / 35 m ( 22 Votes ) 
The wreck of the Hildur was deliberately sank while cleaning up the Port Luis Marina. For a long time it was a rotting eyesore on Grenada's coast, now it is an interesting dive on a fully intact freighter - we even found some freight papers we have preserved.
Bianca C 100' - 170' / 35 - 50 m ( 19 Votes ) 
The "Titanic of the Caribbean is a true advanced dive, for its depth, current and change of superstructure. With a scooter one manages to dive the whole length, but most dive it several times to explore different sections each time.
Shakem 100' / 30 m ( 21 Votes ) 
One of the newer wrecks in Grenada's collection, which sank on May 30th, 2001 after a troubled journey from Trinidad to Grenada overnight. The load of cement bags shifted and the vessel went down just in sight of the harbors entrance. As it lays perfectly on keel at a bottom of 110 feet with its many hatches, open bridge, hallways, galleys, cabins, freight rooms and crane it is the perfect playground for wreck lovers.
King Mitch 120' / 35 m ( 26 Votes ) 
Advanced diving at its best; currents, blue water descent, depth, 4 miles out in the Atlantic ocean! The former US Navy minesweeper turned cargo vessel sank 1981 after the ship leaked and the bilge pump failed. However all crew survived and today nurse sharks, reef sharks, eagle rays, sting rays, turtles and swarms of barracudas and other pelagic fish meet here.
Windmill Shallows 60' - 130' / 18 - 40 m ( 20 Votes ) 
A narrow ridge 30 feet wide, running from 60 feet at the top to 90 feet on the land ward side. On the seaward side the slope drops to 140 feet. It is a beautiful reef with abundance of marine life, both fish and coral. The site is subject to tidal currents bringing bigger fish in to feed, it is not unusual to spot rays, barracudas and turtles.
Black Forest 50' - 90' / 15 - 30 m ( 22 Votes ) 
This reef is the deeper edges of Kohanee reef, two ridges joined by a sandy channel and prone to nice currents. The ridges are covered with black deep water sea fans and sea whips. Crevices are hiding places for lobsters and crabs. Good chance for pelagic schools of jacks or rainbow runners.
Rum Runner 120' / 36 m ( 20 Votes ) 
This wreck of a work catamaran is laying in the sand of 120 feet. Offering the perfect home for some huge groupers and a collection of angel fish; queen, french and gray. Schools of rainbow runners and mackarels are passing by and sometimes a huge hawksbill turtle cruises around. You finish this dive as a drift along a close by reef.

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