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Scuba Dive Courses from Beginner to Professional Dive Master

Beginner Courses - only requirement: be able to swim.

There are several ways to enter the exciting world underwater and become certified: from an one day dive experience to a full certification which can be achieved through different path: - academic self study online; referrals from one dive school to another or all modules in one place. You can start with a part certification as scuba diver and upgrade within 12 month to full open water diver, the possibilities are almost endless.

Course Duration # Dives Minimum Age Price US$ Certification?
Discover Scuba Diving  1/2 day 1 10 136 book no
Repeat Resort Dive  2 hrs 10  85  no 
Bubblemaker 2 hrs  pool only   60  no
PADI Scuba Diver  2-3 days  2 10  290  book  yes, restricted 
PADI Open Water Diver 3-5 days  10  480 book yes 
PADI E-Learner Completion Course  2-3 days  10  342 book yes 
Universal Referral Course 2 days 10  330  book yes 
PADI Upgrade to Open Water Diver   2 days  10  290  yes 
SDI Open Water Diver 3-5 days  10  408  yes 


All Beginner Courses above include rental equipment for scuba diving, logbooks, manuals and certificates if applicable.

For the PADI e-learner completion course you need to have completed all academic sessions and exam online before enrolling.

The Universal Referral Course requires signed referral form from your initital instructor confirming completion of academics and pool sessions back home. Certification with PADI is optional and cost US$ 29 additional.

The upgrade to Open Water Diver requires certification as PADI Scuba Diver and includes academics, pool session and 2 open water dives.


you did not dive for more than 1 year and concerned you might not remember everything you once knew? This course gives you your confidence back. It entails a theory lesson, skill circuit and 1 dive either from boat or shore. Equipment hire included.


Advanced & Professional Courses

These courses are essentail in improving your confidence and safety under water. They are also the first step into a career in diving if you think of persuing this way of life.

Course Duration     Dives    Minimum Age    Price US$     Certification?   
PADI Adventure Diver 1-2 days 3 12 280 yes
PADI Advanced Diver 2-3 days 5 12 362 book yes
PADI Advanced Online Completion 2-3 days 5 12 290 yes
PADI Emergency First Responder 1 day 0 15 150 yes
PADI Rescue Diver 2-3 days 0 15 399 yes
PADI Rescue Online Completion 2 days 0 15 264 yes
PADI Dive Master 4-5 weeks 0 15 1099 no
PADI Dive Master Online Completion 3-4 weeks 0 15 889 no
DAN Oxygen Provider 1 day 0 15 99 yes

Above Course include tanks & weights; manuals, pool sessions and open water dives i.a..

Advanced course includes Deep, Navigation, Wreck, Drift and Naturalist Dive. For the Adventure Diver you may choose any of the five.

The Dive Master certification is via application to PADI; dives included in the course are the the discretion of the instructor. We strive to give you the most professional background for your career in the dive industry.


Specialty Courses

Specialty Courses are the icing on the cake, giving you insights and techniques in different diving areas. With these skills at your disposal you can take the exploration of the marine world to new levels. 

Course  Dives incl.    

min. Age    

Prerequisite                Price US$ 
 PADI Enriched Air Diver  0  12  Open Water Diver 159 book
 PADI Online Nitrox Completion 0 12  Open Water Diver 0
 SDI Easy Computer Nitrox  0  12  Open Water Diver  129
 SDI Online Nitrox Completion 0 12  Open Water Diver 0
 PADI Wreck Diver  4  15  Advanced Diver  269 book
 PADI Deep Diver  4  15  Advanced Diver  269
 PADI Digital UW-Photographer    2  12  Open Water Diver  199
 PADI Scooter Diver  2  15  Open Water Diver  234
 SDI Solo Diver  2  21  Rescue Diver  168
 PADI Self Reliant Diver  2  21  Rescue Diver  168
 PADI Night Diver  3  15  Open Water Diver  282
 PADI Navigation Diver  3  12  Open Water Diver  216
 PADI Naturalist Diver  2   10  Open Water Diver  144
 PADI Drift Diver  2  12  Open Water Diver  168
 PADI Search & Recovery Diver  4  12  Open Water Diver  269
 PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy  2  12  Open Water Diver  135
 AWARE Coral Reef Conservation  0 10  none 108
 AWARE Fish ID course 2 10  Open Water Diver 167
SDI Lionfish Eradication Course 2 18 Open Water Diver 199

<br/ >Above courses include tanks & weights, manual and certification.<br/ > The Photographer course includes camera rental and the Scooter course includes scooter rental. Other special equipment like reel for wreck diver course or computer for deep diver course may purchased or hired.

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