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CCR Information

Aquanauts provides full logistical support for the travelling rebreather diver. Sofnolime is always in stock; available are Oxygen and Nitrox fills up to 50% ; on-board tank rentals, bailout tanks and regulator rental. We have 5 complete APD Evolution/ Inspiration and 3 Hollis Explorer units to rent. If you are an APD Vision diver you could just travel with your APD lid and rent  the rest from us. Helium is also available on the island.

Diving Prices:

1 CCR dive US$ 80

10 CCR dive package US$ 685

CCR dive guide per trip US$ 100

Rebreather divers joining our regular schedule with a booked OC recreational dive package have air/nitrox 30% diluent fills and one bailout tank nitrox 30% per dive day included. Additional charges are for other fills (O2, Helium), tank rentals and sofnolime according to below prices.


Sofnolime 812 per kg - US$ 14

Sofnolime 812 one keg- US$ 249

Fill Trimix O2 per cft - US$ 0.63

Fill Helium per cft - US$ 3.33 appr., price may fluctuate with market prices.

Rental Prices per day:

Evolution/Inspiration unit rental US$ 120

Explorer unit rental US$ 90

CCR tank 2 or 3 L empty US$ 6

Rental Prices per week:

5 days APD unit rental complete US$ 550

3 days Explorer rental US$ 270