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CCR Information

Aquanauts provides full logistical support for the travelling rebreather diver. Sofnolime is always in stock; available are Oxygen and Nitrox fills up to 50% ; on-board tank rentals, bailout tanks and regulator rental. We have 3 complete APD Evolution/ Inspiration and 3 Hollis Explorer units to rent. Helium is also available on the island.

Diving Prices:

1 CCR dive US$ 80

10 CCR dive package US$ 685

CCR dive guide per trip US$ 100

Rebreather divers joining our regular schedule with a booked OC recreational dive package have air/nitrox 30% diluent fills and one bailout tank nitrox 30% per dive day included. Additional charges are for other fills (O2, Helium), tank rentals and sofnolime according to below prices.

CCR Package day

incl. 2 CCR tanks - US$12

1 Air Dil / O2 fill - US$ 15

1 Bailout Air/30 - US$ 9 

2,5 KG Sofnolime - US$35

Total: US$70

Rental Prices per day:

Evolution/Inspiration unit rental US$ 150

incl. unit, cells & Batteries

Explorer unit rental 

incl complete unit - US$60

1 fill Nitrox - US$ 9

1 fill lime - US$ 21

1 bailout - US$ 9 

1 bailout regulator - US$ 9

Total: US$ 99 

Rental Prices per week:

5 days APD unit rental complete US$ 700

3 days Explorer rental US$ 270